Liz Truss vs. Rishi Sunak: Boris Johnson’s successor as UK prime minister to be announced today – Live Updates

Lots of not very fun things. The most pressing issue is the cost-of-living crisis. Energy prices have soared by thousands of pounds, food costs are spiraling and real-term wages are falling. Small businesses that were saved by the government in the pandemic, especially in the hospitality industry, now face closure due to the escalation in prices.

Neither candidate has adequately answered how they intend to address these problems and the public are increasingly furious about it.  

On top of this economic crisis, there are also a bunch of problems that can loosely be described as Boris Johnson legacy issues. 

Johnson has been one of the most vocal and reliable allies to Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February.

The new leader will have to decide whether or not they will follow Johnson’s all-in approach as the rest of the West works out how to face the next stage of the war, with the risk of attracting unfavorable comparisons with Johnson should they deviate from his resolute position. 

Then there’s Brexit, which, contrary to popular belief, is certainly not done. The situation in Northern Ireland remains unstable and British relations with their European Union counterparts are extremely poor.

The new PM will have to decide whether they intend to remain hardline on all matters Brexit and risk the consequences, or take a softer line, angering the Brexiteer base and, well, risk the consequences. 

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